Office solutions

IPTP Business Solutions are group of products and services from IPTP Networks which are compulsory for a company to run efficiently and effectively under integrated secure, scalable, reliable solutions
From softwares to plan enterprise resource and manage customer relationship to video surveillance, IP telephony system or private messaging platform, we got you covered.

  • Multiple paper work
  • Data loss
  • High risk of security
  • Unavailable time & people
  • Geography limit

IPTP Office Solutions
  • Sorted, computerized system
  • Redundant back up
  • Backbone and multi-layer protection
  • Automated, 24/7 globally accessible
  • On-site/remote technical team supporting worldwide business

  • Ensure business flow
  • Monitor your workforce easily and effectively
  • Reduce overall expense
  • Single trusted partner for end-to-end solution
  • Periodic technology refreshes
Our office solutions includes:

Our susbcription-based, in-house developed software which fully automates the main business processes of your company, systematising your work tasks and marginalising human error. Seamless integration, specifically tailored to your needs, while accommodating to your growth.

A component of IPTP ERP & CRM system that provides an effective communication among all of your business partners. Available via web and as a free of charge application, Cross Messenger helps your company to improve its instant communication processes.

A modern way of communication using calls over the Internet accompanying hardware and applications to communicate more effectively. It is based on protocols that allow transferring not only human voice, but video and faxing through the existing network.

A complete working environment just like a normal machine in your office, all you need is a computer with Internet access. The user workspace is located in a geographically distributed cloud server, including documents, mail programs, office applications, and web resources used.

Overcome the challenge of running your business at many different locations all over the world, by having meetings with your global team and partners in a secure, stable and clear way. Cisco TelePresence brings you the exact feeling of real-life face-to-face conversation.

Monitor your shop, office or vessel using your PC, Pocket PC or TV with a Network Camera. IPTP Video Surveillance is a completely scalable and highly reliable integration solution that becomes a valuable element and a long-term investment in the security strategy for your office and premises.