Service request

Immediate help can be provided via Live Assistant or e-mail.

Ordinary requests are divided by the following three priority levels:

Standard Priority

Standard Priority:

Level 3

The case will be given priority below level 1 and 2 for when speed is not of the essence. Normally applies to administrative issues.

High priority

High priority:

Level 2

We will devote attention to it immediately after level 1 tickets are resolved. Normally applies to service optimization.

Top Priority

Top Priority:

Level 1

We take immediate action to restore unplanned interruptions! A call to the helpdesk (see map below) is available to expedite service.

Helpdesk numbers:
Map contact

The initiator should be registered with us as Master, Admin or User with granted appropriate rights.

To answer your query, please follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Send an e-mail to, or open a Live Assistant chat window on, describing the problem in as much detail as possible.

Please be sure to include the type of event and current status. If possible, include your Service Order Form number, time of onset and relevant logs or traces.

You will get an automatic reply instantly, acknowledging receipt of your email with a ticket number. Our engineer will contact you as soon as possible.

Live Assistance chats will automatically generate a ticket for followup.

STEP 2, optional:

If you perceive a delay in our response for any reason, you may dial one of our call center/IVR numbers, making sure that you have the ticket number from “step 1”.

How to get support in case e-mail and Live Assistance does not work?

If email and chat is not available for any reason, you may create a ticket via phone. Customer must positively identify themselves and provide Service Order Form number before any support is provided. Please make sure that your list of authorized contact people is up to date in Cacti Portal or through your Account Manager.

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The Netherlands

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