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Service request

Immediate help can be provided via Live Assistant, ordinary requests are divided by the following three priority levels:


Best Effort

The case will be
given lowest priority.


Medium priority

The case will be resolved
within one business day.


Top Priority

Immediate reaction! Call to helpdesk is required.

Helpdesk numbers:

The initiator should understand the priority and the complexity level of the task/problem. When sending an email the subject should start with the priority level of the case.
To help answer your query, please select from the options below:

Step 1:

Please send an e-mail to , describing the problem in as much detail as possible. You will get an automatic reply instantly, consisting of the subject amended with a ticket number. Our engineer will contact you as soon as possible.

Step 2:

If you insist that your case requires immediate attention, then please dial one of our call center/IVR numbers, making sure that you have
the ticket number from “step 1”.

How to get support in case e-mail does not work?

In the event of customer e-mail disfunction NCC would accept request to create ticket via phone. Customer must be identified before any support is provided. Please make sure that your list of authorised contact phones is up to date in Cacti Portal.

Support is available 24×7