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To check the latency and paths between cities please use the Best Path tool.

We operate the following low latency channels:

PACIFIC CABLE SYSTEMSThe RJCN or (Russia-Japan Cable Network)

Length: 1800 km
Design capacity: 640 Gbit/s.
Built in: 2008
Latency: Tokyo – London via TEA (196 ms)
Wavelength: transparent 10 Gbps

APCN-2 or Asia-Pacific Cable Network 2

Length: 19000 km
Landing stations: 10
Design capacity: 2.56 Tbps
Technology: 64×10 Gbps, built with a self-healing function, DWDM
Latency: Singapore – Japan (86 ms)
Operators: 45 carriers

FLAG North Asia Loop/REACH North Asia Loop

Length: 10000 km
Type: 6-fiber-pair redundant loop, upgradeable
Technologies: DWDM, self-healing
SLA: 99.99%

PC-1 or Pacific Crossing 1

Length: 21000 km
Latency: Tokyo, Japan — Seattle,USA (83 ms)
Tokyo, Japan — Los Angeles, USA (110 ms)
Capacity: up to 10Gbps (SDH and wavelength)
Ethernet services: up to 10G LAN PHY, 10G WAN PHY, 100GE connections.

Tata TGN-Pacific

Length 22800 km
Technology: self-healing ring,
96×10 Gbps DWDM
Fiber pairs: 8.
Lit capacity: 1.6 Tbps
Built in: 2002

Asia-America Gateway (AAG)

Length: 20000 km
2.88 Tbit/s (California-Hawaii)
2.88 Tbit/s (Hong Kong – Mersing, Malaysia)
1.92 Tbit/s (Hawaii – Hong Kong)
Latency: Hong Kong – Singapore: 28 ms

PIPE Pacific Cable-1 (PPC-1)

Length: 7000 km
Fibre pairs: 128 × 10 Gbps
Capacity: 2.56 Tbps

Southern Cross Cable Network (SCCN)

Length: 28000 km undersea,
2000 km terrestrial.
Technology: 40G
Design capacity: >6 Tbit/s
Lit capacity: 5.4 Tbit/s
Build in: 2000

Pan-American Crossing (PAC)

Length: 9600 km
Design capacity: 800 Gbit/s


Length: 4600 km
Build in: 2018
Fibre pairs: 4
Design capacity: 40 Tbit/s
Lit capacity: 2.5 Tbit/s (total)

Asia Africa Europa-1 (AAE-1)

Length: 25000 km
Technology: 100Gbit/s
Design capacity: 40 Tbps.

South East Asia–Middle East–Western Europe 5 (SEA-ME-WE 5)

Length: ≈ 20000 km
Design capacity: 24 Tbit/s
No of fibre pairs: 3
Landing ports: 19
Build in: 2016.

SAFE (The South Africa Far East)

Length: 13,104 km
Fiber strands: 4
Lit capacity: 440 Gbit/s
Technologies: Erbium-doped fiber amplifier repeaters, WDM technology.
Latency: Mtunzini, SouthAfrica — Penang, Malaysia (46 ms)

EASSy (The Eastern Africa Submarine CableSystem)

Length: 10000 km
Operators: 16
Capacity: > 10 Tbit/s
Fibre pairs: 2
Technologies: built-in resilience end-to-end
Latency: Mtunzini, South Africa – Port Sudan, Sudan (94 ms).

SEACOM/Tata TGN-Eurasia

Length: 15000 km
1) Mtunzini, S. Africa — Zafarana, Egypt (115 ms)
2) Mtuzini, S. Africa – Mumbai, India (93 ms)

ATLANTIC CABLE SYSTEMSAtlantic Crossing 1 (AC-1)

Length: 14,000 km
Design capacity: 40 Gbit/s
Lit capacity: 120 Gbit/s.
Latency: U.S. – U.K. (≈ 64/65 ms)

FLAG Atlantic-1 (FA-1)

World’s first dual terabit/s transoceanic cable system.
Design capacity: 4.8 Tbps
Lit capacity 320 Gbit/s
Technology: DWDM
Latency: London – New York (67 ms)
Latency: New York – Paris (71 ms)

West African Cable System (WACS)

Length: 14530 km
Fiber pairs: 4
Terminal stations: 15
No. of operators: 17

Apollo South / Apollo North

Length: 13000 km
Topology: Two Fully Diverse Paths
Design capacity: > 3.2 Tbit/s per Leg
Technology: Fibre Optic DWDM
First use: 2003
Capacity: 300 Gbit/s


Type: dual ring-protected
Length: 23500 km.
Design capacity: 1.36 Tbit/s
(34 x 10 Gigabit x 4 fiber pairs)
Built in: 2001

Mid-Atlantic Crossing (MAC)

Length: > 7500 km
Built in: 2000
Design capacity: 920 Gbps


Capacity: 72Tbit/s
Technologies: 100 Gbit/s coherent, ultra-low latency SeaSpeed™, Bandwidth-on-Demand

South American Crossing (SAC)/Latin American Nautilus (LAN)

Length: ≈ 20,000 km

SACS (South Atlantic Cable System)

Length: 6,165 km
Fibre pairs: 4
Fibre type: 100 wavelengths x 100Gbit/s.

EURASIAN CABLE SYSTEMSEurope-Russia-Mongolia-China (ERMC)

Latency: Hong Kong – London (185/195 ms)
Capacity: up to 400 Gbit/s.

ERA or Europe-Russia-Asia

Latency: Hong Kong – London (210/220 ms)
Latency: Moscow – Amsterdam (37 ms)

ERC or Europe-Russia-China

Latency: Hong Kong – London (230/240 ms)

Rapid Europe Asia Link (REAL)

The shortest link between Europe and Asia.
Lit capacity: 200 Gbit/s.
Latency: Hong Kong – Frankfurt (152 ms)


Latency: Cyprus-Egypt (7 ms)
Latency: Cyprus-France (17 ms)
Capacity: 96x10Gbps.


Total length: 3400 km
First use: 2011


Total length: 5729 km
Design capacity: 3.84Tb/s (6 fiber pairs)
First use: 2001

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