IX Transit

IX Transit is a unique Layer-3 product, developed for those who are keen to optimize their networks by themselves. IX Transit is basically a partial IP Transit with reach to the BGP community set for management outbound announces and flexible filtering of received prefixes. More than 1500 BGP and traffic sessions are exchanged with almost 1000 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from TIER 2 and TIER 1; They provide more than 350,000 prefixes, and affectively more than 60% of the traffic passes through interconnected links. Detailed information can be obtained via Looking Glass and from PeeringDB.

We are connected to all the main international Internet exchange points: AMS-IX, CoreSite Any2, DE-CIX, EQ-IX, LINX, NetNod, Msk-IX, Piter-IX, Dtel-IX, BBIX, JPIX, JPNAP, JBIX, SH-IX, NETIX and many more.

For those who use IX Transit in combination with other upstream providers, it could be up to 60% of their traffic improvement performance and latency without building their own interconnections with IXPs. It will bring the value to get a greater global coverage via major the IXPs and IPTP Networks’ customers and partners.

MAIN BENEFITS OF Exchange Transit ( IX Transit )
  • Lower latency for applications
  • Better costs
  • The domestic traffic of the specific region/country cannot be monitored outside of its area
  • Introduction of new technologies (IPv6, RPKI, etc)
What is the difference between IP and IX Transit?

IP Transit is performed on the level of a formal agreement (SLA) between the ISP and the transit provider which provides the services to ISP at the costs they have previously defined. With IX Transit we are basically talking about an agreement between two ISPs, which are obtaining mutual exchange of data. Overall, we can simplify that, while IP Transit is the connection between classical Tier-1 and Tier-2 providers, IX Transit is the connection between classical Tier-2 providers only.

LIST OF AVAILABLE Internet Exchanges for transit:

IPTP Networks maintains presence at the following Internet Exchanges:

Soon we will be at the following Internet Exchanges:

We are offering Internet Exchange Transit ( IX Transit ), with a bandwidth of 100Mbps up to 10Gbps, from the following locations:

Soon service will be available at the following locations:

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