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Free Remote IX

Remote IX connection or Remote Peering offers a brilliant possibility to become a full member of the largest Internet Exchanges with minimal financial efforts. Our remote peering service could help your company in some cases, to significantly reduce costs for IP Transit and use the best low latency routes provided by peering members.

And now we are offering a brilliant possibility to run your Remote IX connections on a FREE TRIAL for 1 month to one of the most demanded locations, such as:

AMS-IX – Non-profit, member-based association operating six independent Internet Exchanges around the world: in Amsterdam, Bay Area, Caribbean, Chicago, Hong Kong and Mumbai. With innovative platforms, cutting-edge technology and dedicated engineers, they deliver high quality interconnection services to a wide range of businesses worldwide.

DE-CIX – Founded in 1995, DE-CIX’s Internet Exchange in Frankfurt is the world’s leading interconnection platform, managing more than 6 Terabits per second peak traffic. DE-CIX provides premium network interconnection services and operates several carrier and data centre-neutral Internet Exchanges (IX, or Internet Exchange Point, IXP) in Europe, the Middle East, North America, and India.

LINX – With over 880 ASNs connecting from over 80 different countries worldwide, members of The London Internet Exchange (LINX) have access to direct routes from a large number of diverse international peering partners. Using LINX allows a reliable exchange of traffic with increased routing control and improved performance.

MSK-IX – MSK-IX helps companies to develop networks and services in the Internet faster and at a lower cost by providing access to Internet Exchange, service platforms and data centres. More than 500 companies from 100 cities and 20 countries around the world use MSK-IX products for the development, interconnection, scaling, networking and building their own services.

JPIX – Established as the first commercial Internet exchange (IX) in Japan in July 1997, JPIX has been providing an environment for IX exchanges from a neutral standpoint. Serving more than 150 companies, the most of any IX provider in Japan, they play a vital role as a part of the core of Japan’s Internet.

Balcan-IX – Balcan-IX is a multi-service platform for integrated services, highly agile and capable to scale as your needs grow. Platform enables carriers, ISPs, and CDN providers of all sizes to quickly and easily increase their network footprint without the need to invest heavily in their own infrastructure or increase resources.

NetIX – NetIX’s next-generation network accelerates the Internet and connects content creators with users faster, cheaper and more directly than ever. NetIX offers the best possible Internet connectivity: our members can exchange traffic with close to 4000 direct peers, which gives their end-users the benefit of measurably faster page-load times on 90% of the most popular sites.

IPTP Networks is offering you 1 month of FREE TRIAL on Remote Peering to any of listed above Internet Exchanges from different locations all over the world. You can find more detailed information about terms and conditions of free trial by sending an e-mail to our sales team at sales@iptp.net.

IPTP Networks is also offering other locations for Remote IX connection. You can take a closer look on those locations at Remote IX page.

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