Remote IX

IPTP Networks offers a brilliant possibility to become a full member of the largest Internet Exchanges with minimal financial efforts. Our remote IX service helps your company significantly reduce costs for IP Transit and use the best low latency routes provided by IX members.

IPTP Networks is a proud member of more than 45 Internet Exchanges across the world. Geographical diverse of our network allow you to connect our peering platform from more than 170 PoP worldwide no matter how big your company is.

Remote IX service provide an access to IPTP Networks infrastructure and capacity to access multiple geographic points via single port. Our customers using this service benefits from traffic routing redundancy and enjoy low latency at a low cost.

Currently Remote IX is available through

1) VLANs to:

– Any2 Coresite (Los Angeles, Denver)
– AMS-IX (Amsterdam)
– DE-CIX (Frankfurt, Marseille)
– France-IX (Paris, Marseille)
– LINX (London)
– MSK-IX (Moscow)
– SPB-IX via MSK-IX (St. Petersburg)
– Piter-IX (St. Petersburg)
– Netnod (Stockholm)
– Balcan-IX (Bucharest)
– Net-IX (Sofia)
– DTEL-IX (Kiev)
– UA-IX (Kiev)
– JPNAP (Tokyo)

2) via dedicated 1G / 10G ports to

– BBIX (Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore)
– SIX (Seattle)
– Equinix* (our PoPs)
– HKIX (Hong Kong)
– Espanix (Madrid)

* — the remote Equinix’s IBXs are available with the metro-connects.