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Remote peering (Remote IX)

The uniqueness of IPTP Networks remote access to Internet Exchanges and private peers, via protected MPLS backbone, provides an ultimate flexibility that will help you to create your own design and traffic engineering solutions from a single port. Basically looking at IPTP Networks backbone you can select your preferred primary route with specific latency and backup route, and even more, you can add a VPLS aggregation points and peer directly at Internet Exchanges according to your business needs.

IPTP Networks offers a brilliant possibility to become a full member of the largest Internet Exchanges with minimal financial efforts. Our remote peering service could help your company in some cases, to significantly reduce costs for IP Transit and use the best low latency routes provided by peering members. IPTP Networks is proud to be a member of more than 45 Internet Exchanges across the world. The geographical diversity of IPTP’s network allows you to connect to our peering platform from more than 174 on-net datacenters worldwide, regardless of your company size.

Currently Remote peering/Remote IX is available through

1) VLANs to:
Any2 Coresite (Los Angeles, Denver)
AMS-IX (Amsterdam)
Balcan-IX (Bucharest)
Interlan (Bucharest)
DE-CIX (Frankfurt, Marseille)
DTEL-IX (Kiev)
France-IX (Paris, Marseille)
JPNAP (Tokyo)
JPIX (Tokyo)
LINX (London)
MSK-IX (Moscow)
Netnod (Stockholm)
Net-IX (Sofia)
Piter-IX (St. Petersburg)
SPB-IX via MSK-IX (St. Petersburg)
IX.br (São Paulo, Fortaleza)

2) via dedicated 1G / 10G ports to:
BBIX (Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore)
Equinix (Los Angeles, San Jose, Ashburn, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York, Toronto, São Paulo, Amsterdam, London, Zürich, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney)
Espanix (Madrid)
HKIX (Hong Kong)
SIX (Seattle)

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