Remote Office

How to organize a business process that will sustain under any circumstances and force majours? Flexibility is a must for modern business teams.

IPTP Networks is offering you a complete working environment just like a normal machine in your office. The user workspace is located in a geographically distributed cloud server, including documents, mail programs, office applications, and web resources used.

Access to the workspace is possible from any place where there is Internet access, whether it is an Internet cafe, a mobile device, or a house. The innovative technology of two-factor authentication excludes any possibility of “random” access to this space.

Remote Office includes:

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop helps your company to deploy an environment hosted in dedicated secured infrastructure that you will be able to use it on any of your devices. This service is considered as a convenient and attractive solution for those who appreciate a maximum level of security, simplicity in use without purchasing software for IT to maintain. Remote desktop benefits can include easier patch management and software updates, faster migrations, quicker new user provisioning, better disaster planning and recovery, and improved application and data security.


Our dedicated VPN solutions offer both security and flexibility. To ensure the smooth running of operations every enterprise requires secure site-to-site connectivity. We offer you a service that has DES, 3DES and AES encryption and can be provided together with managed Firewall. Our framework of open standards (based on RFC specifications and the IPsec protocol) delivers IPsec encryption and provides tunnelling protocols, data confidentiality, data integrity, and data authentication over unprotected networks (such as the Internet), all through encrypted data streams over a private or public network.

IP Telephony

Calls over the Internet (compare to traditional phone system) help business owners to take advantage of an internet connection and the accompanying hardware and applications to communicate more effectively. The advantages of IP Telephony, in comparison with legacy phone systems, are fully evident. It helps cut down the monthly bills for telecom services, increase the efficiency of communication systems, add numerous innovative convergence features, and modify the appearance of your office making it up to date with contemporary aesthetic standards.

Remote Office works from any smart device — mobile phone (iOS and Android), any mobile tablet computer, netbook and of course normal desktop computer. Any modern Microsoft Windows™ and Linux operating systems can be used as remote working environment. Access to your remote system is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week from any place with an internet access.

Remote Office

Benefits of Remote Office:

  • Cost-effective
  • Complex
  • Accessible
  • Secure

IPTP Networks will gladly provide your own complex Remote Office solution anywhere at any time. Feel free to contact our Sales team for more detailed information about this service at