Unified Communication

Managed Unified Communication Services are a comprehensive suite of secure industry-proven IP solutions that has been providing IP telephony to more companies than any other. Solutions include data, voice, video, and mobility products that are provided to us by Cisco partners as a finalized service, making communication easier.

  • Designed to assist your company in deploying advanced technologies with less risk and lower costs
  • Offer extensive capabilities that are designed for any kind of business, independent of scale
  • Closely integrate communications with business processes
  • Connecting people instead of devices
  • Deliver presence and preference information, helping to ensure that communications reach recipients in the quickest way possible through the most effective medium


Through this service, we provide unified voice, video, data and mobility communications for the business environment. We connect communication devices (PCs, phones) and applications (videoconferencing, calendar) so that they can be accessed anytime, anyplace, and support open interfaces so that other types of applications can be added. All aspects of this service are Cisco-powered and provide high-quality service that ensures consistent experience and security capabilities.


Through our Cisco-powered Hosted Unified Communications service, you gain the benefits of a converged IP communications network without needing to own, manage or maintain it. We give you a new way to use your network infrastructure to gain revenue without any additional cost. Our service also supports extensive IP-telephony features. We provide you with a unique dial plan, set of phone numbers, voicemail and other resources that help you save time and money allowing you to concentrate on managing your company letting us take care of the information technology.


Our Cisco-powered Managed Unified Contact Center service provides you with an IP-based, centralized infrastructure that can support numerous distributed sites. We offer a full suite of contact management services, provide you with administrative control options for your environment, as well as deliver options for integrated Web collaboration tools, CTI screen pops and many other features.