IPTP Networks / Past Events / INFOCOM CYPRUS CONFERENCE 2019


Date: 5 November 2019
Venue: The Landmark Nicosia Hotel
Location: Nicosia, Cyprus
Web: https://infocomcy.com/

Our team will be joining this year’s InfoCom Cyprus Conference 2019 which will be taking place at The Landmark Nicosia Hotel on 5th of November 2019.
Worldwide companies are constantly launching new products and services, competing with each other to gain consumer preference. The pace of this technological change often changes the “rules of the game” as new players emerge in the market to gain a dominant position and others follow as competition develops. The advent of 5G technology networks is a huge new opportunity for telecommunications providers and companies working in the wider area of digital technologies to boost their financial growth by developing new services with technological tools such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchains and Smart Networks (5G & IoT), which can at the same time act as an ‘ally’ of citizens, consumers and businesses in the new digital age we are beginning to experience.

The InfoCom Cyprus conference, organized for the 11th consecutive year, is an institution for the ICT industry in Cyprus. This is the annual meeting of digital market executives, as well as those who use specialized tools and services to bring about Digital Transformation. The InfoCom Cyprus is a companion of the business community. Executives in Telecommunications, Information Technology & Media, CEOs, CIOs and IT Directors, Operation Managers, Data Center & Cloud Experts, Network Engineers, IT Strategists & Solution Architects, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Technology Equipment and Consumer Electronics will be attending this amazing event.

IPTP Networks will be glad to meet new friends and partners and discuss the influence of modern technologies on nowadays business strategies. Want to meet us there? Drop us a message at marketing@iptp.com and let’s arrange the meeting!

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