Video on demand

The video on demand enables the user in time, convenient for, to look through video materials from offered library. The interactivity of a Video on demand consists of receiving video signal from the removed source while you have an opportunity to operate the dataflow, applying such functions:

  • rewind forward – back
  • the accelerated rewind forward – back
  • a pause

It is also worth mentioning that while viewing a video all other functions of the system remain accessible to you. The service of a Video in search makes you completely independent from any television time-tables, allowing you to choose programs according to your taste.

The amount of simultaneous viewings depends on the following factors:

  • bandwidth of a local area network
  • the network equipment
  • capacity of the server
  • the intermediate software

The maximum quantity of simultaneous viewings is determined by quantity of television terminals established on a yacht. Our decision supports up to 100 simultaneous sessions of viewing.

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