Middleware IPTV

IPTV represents a television system that has a number of technological advantages over a traditional one-way cable or satellite broadcast network. Programs and video channels are delivered to the television sets through a broadband connection, enabling two-way interactivity. As a result, you receive an ultimate package where the video streams are encoded into a series of IP packets and then carried out through the public internet, which means that all you need for deployment is a set-top box and a subscription for the service. The small size receiver-decoder saves space, and there is no need for extra furniture for the additional TV equipment.

Middleware IPTV is a software which helps you to control and manage the IPTV system. This software is made to manage subscription packages and to keep them under control at any time, you can add and edit your content which is available to your users.


• All-in-one Management
• Customer Management
• Content Management
• CatchUP – You can record Live TV channels to enjoy your favourite content later (up to 30 days after)
• EPG Grid and EPG Import; availability of detailed guides for your favourite live channels
• API Billing

Video on Demand

The video on demand enables the user to look through video materials from the offered library. The interactivity of a Video on demand consists of receiving a video signal from the remote source while you have an opportunity to operate the data flow, applying numerous innovative features:

• Video Recording
• Live TV controller
• Movie-on-demand
• Real-time interactivity
• Triple play
• Single bill
• No effect of power cuts
• Video in search

For service providers:

Service providers must be able to deliver the finest viewing experience to their subscribers while optimizing resources. IPTP Networks provides products that have been developed to help service providers to succeed by deploying cost-effective, highly scalable and easily manageable IPTV services. In addition, the IPTV system allows you to study consumer tastes and needs, and collect statistical data by using the ratings of TV channels, programs and films.

For home:

Internet Protocol technology allows your home network to be more flexible than ever before. All of the U-verse receivers in your home (no matter which room they are located in) are connected to the same high-speed home network. This allows you to have your shows, recorded from your DVR, to be watched on any TV in the house. The Ethernet port on the back of your set-top box also allows you to connect laptops, gaming consoles, and other devices to your home network.


• Individual package of TV channels for each user
• Control over the subscription of each user
• Function for recording telecasts
• Function to view past telecasts at a given time interval
• Pause function for TV channels in real time
• Expansive TV guide


Instead of Middleware IPTV IPTP Networks represents an integration of IPTV with our own ERP&CRM system. The biggest advantage of this integration is that you can control all of your channels and subscriptions through the ERP&CRM and there’s no need to spend additional time on billing because it all will be billed automatically at your ERP&CRM account. This will help you to keep all of your features in one box without the need of purchasing many different types of software and of course, that means that you can use it both for business use and for home.


• All your packages and bills in one spot – ERP&CRM
• High speed Internet access and VoIP and other IP-based services
• Protection of content at any level
• Different types of IPTV boxes (X96s, X96 mini, B88, R69 and other kinds of Android set top boxes)

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