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Internet Day 2019 Vietnam

Date: December 11, 2019
Venue: Sheraton Hanoi Hotel
Location: Ha Noi, Vietnam
Web-site: https://2019.internetday.vn

As a part of the fast-developing and insanely growing Vietnamese IT market, the IPTP Networks team is thrilled to join the Internet Day 2019 which will be held on 11th December at Sheraton Hanoi Hotel!

The world is at the beginning of the revolution of Industry 4.0 which is for creating a digital society. In Vietnam, the draft of the National Digital Transformation Project has introduced three phases of Digital Transformation towards a comprehensive digital transformation, with the economy and society operating on digital technology and innovation. In the process, the Internet really plays a key role to link the real world and the virtual one. Also in Vietnam, 2019 is the year to witness a series of big brands in the Vietnam Internet community affirming their determination to transform themselves to become digital service providers and pioneer in creating a digital society. Therefore, this year, the Internet Day Organizers decided to select “Vietnam Internet: Innovation and Digital Transformation” as the main topic of the program.

Internet Day is an annual event hosted by the Vietnam Internet Association (VIA) since 2012 in order to promote the development of Vietnam’s Internet and to commemorate the day Vietnam officially joins the global Internet (on November 19th, 1997). Internet Day is also a national-level forum for the domestic and international enterprises, international organizations, government agencies, and the management units operating in the Internet, ICT, Telecommunications field meets and discusses to find optimal and effective solutions to promote the overall development of the internet in Vietnam in the new era.

Don‘t miss an opportunity to meet our team members at this amazing event – drop us a message at marketing@iptp.net and arrange a meeting with our colleagues. See you soon!

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