Remote Hands

IPTP Networks is always trying to make your IT-life as easy as we can. That is why we are offering our Remote Hands service in order to resolve different types of routine and emergency technical tasks. Our high-skilled engineers are available 24/7 to provide any maintenance tasks within a colocation facility, which allows our customers to stay focused on their business growth without worrying about their equipment.

What you will get:

• Physical Labour: You can rely on us in case that you need your equipment to be moved, or if you need your equipment racking and stacking.
• Standard Device Management: Our staff will check on your devices, verifying their statuses, control modular equipment and more.
• Logistic: Remote Hands staff can take care of all shipping and receiving procedures which are related to your equipment at our facilities.
• Cables and Wires: Cross connects termination, installation and maintenance, securing of existing cabling – we can do any of that.
• Inventory Auditing: We can provide partial or full deployment audits, labelling, cross connect tracing and other.
• Escorted Access: You can ask our engineers to escort and consult you during your visit to our facilities, or you can observe and control their work within your space.

Our IPTP Networks Remote Hands delivering you the best possible provision on running your services. We are offering 1 hour per month of Remote Hands service for free which gives you an opportunity to save an additional amount of money for qualified help. In case of longer time required to do the job, we are offering fair hourly based system of fees.

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