Date: October 24–25, 2018
Venue: Cordis Hotel (Mong Kok station)
Address: Hong Kong

Peering Asia is the conference created on the purpose to gather Network service providers, Content providers, Internet Exchange providers and Data Centers for promoting peering and interconnection in the Asia Pacific region. Event will take place 24 – 25 October 2018 in the Cordis Hotel at Mong Kok station of Hong Kong. Conference is supported by Asia Pacific Internet Exchange Association (APIX).

Peering Meetings, Conference Talks/Panels, Exhibition and Private Meetings will wait for more than 250 participants of Peering Asia forum. Presentations focused on Asia Pacific region will embrace following topics: peering trends, peering policy, peering operation and technologies, IXP and/or Data centers, trends of content and application, submarine cables and backhauls.

IPTP Networks is looking forward towards meeting our peers in the Asia Pacific region, discussing business opportunities and industry-relevant news.


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