Dedicated Hosting

Hosting at various datacenters in Europe, Middle-East, Americas, Africa and Asia. These Dedicated Hosting packages provide you with the opportunity to obtain and control a server or network equipment that is connected to a high-speed Internet port installed in a specially equipped data center, without the purchase and installation of your own equipment.


  • The ideal solution for mission-critical sites requiring custom server management.
  • The perfect solution for dedicated hosting resellers, web developers and designers.
  • A perfect solution for webmasters who need greater flexibility,
    reliability and security for their clients.
  • A robust server for online gaming, streaming media and e-mail/dns/chat applications.
  • Anything else that requires great reliability, speed and a top level of security.


  • Wide range of pre-tested Supermicro servers ready for service worldwide.
  • Rock-solid, 100% guaranteed Internet bandwidth of either 100, 1000 or 10000Mb/s ports.
  • Exceptional connectivity world wide via IPTP Networks backbone.
  • All network equipment provided by Cisco.
  • 24/7 Live Answer (no wait time) technical phone-based support.
  • Cisco network and security equipment Dedicated Hosting.
  • Free upgrades of patches, hot-fixes, and service packs.
  • Highest level of security.
  • Free repair and maintenance of hosted hardware.
  • Free bandwidth utilization reports.
  • Full equipment remote control via IPMI v2.0
  • Remote power management port via APC PDU.
  • Fully customizable, upgradeable and configurable to your specific needs.
  • Free automated monitoring (Ping, Service, System, Processes) of your server 24×7, including reboots and normal maintenance of hardware and software.
  • Safe and secure environment – Dedicated server rooms have no public access.


We are offering Dedicated Hosting and Internet Access Ports (IP Transit), with a bandwidth from 10Mbps up to multi gigabit ports in the following locations:

No. Name  City  Country
 1 CoreSite – DE1  Denver  US
 2 CoreSite – LA1 – One Wilshire  Los Angeles  US
 3 Equinix Los Angeles (LA1)  Los Angeles  US
 4 Equinix San Jose (SV1)  San Jose  US
 5 Equinix Ashburn (DC5)  Washington D.C.  US
 6 Equinix Chicago (CH1)  Chicago  US
 7 Equinix Dallas (DA3)  Dallas  US
 8 Digital Realty | Telx Atlanta  Atlanta  US
 9 Equinix Miami (MI1)  Miami  US
 10 Digital Realty | Telx New York (111 8th)  New York  US
 11 Equinix Secaucus (NY4)  Secaucus, NJ  US
 12 Westin Building Seattle  Seattle  US
 13 Equinix Amsterdam (AM1)  Amsterdam  NL
 14 Matrix 4  Amsterdam  NL
 15 Matrix 3  Amsterdam  NL
 16 TelecityGroup Amsterdam 1 (S/P)  Amsterdam  NL
 17 NIKHEF Amsterdam  Amsterdam  NL
 18 Equinix London Slough (LD4)  Slough  UK
 19 Equinix London Slough (LD5)  Slough  UK
 20 Equinix London Docklands (LD8)  London  UK
 21 Equinix London Docklands_ (LD8)  London  UK
 22 Telehouse London (Docklands North)  London  UK
 23 Teraco House Johannesburg JB1  Johannesburg  ZA
 24 Equinix Hong Kong (HK1)  Hong Kong  HK
 25 MEGA iAdvantage Hong Kong  Hong Kong  HK
 26 Equinix Zurich (ZH4)  Zurich  CH
 27 InterXion Zurich  Zurich  CH
 28 Enter Milan  Milan  IT
 29 MIX  Milan  IT
 30 Equinix Singapore  Singapore  SG
 31 Global Switch Singapore  Singapore  SG
 32 Telehouse Paris 2 (Voltaire)  Paris  FR
 33 Interxion MRS1  Marseille  FR
 34 Equinix Frankfurt KleyerStrasse (FR5)  Frankfurt  DE
 35 NewTelco Frankfurt  Frankfurt  DE
 36 Equinix Toronto (TR1)  Toronto  CA
 37 Equinix Tokyo (TY2)  Tokyo  JP
 38 NTT DATA Otemachi Bldg  Tokyo  JP
 39 Moscow M9  Moscow  RU
 40 IKI  Moscow  RU
 41 DataSpace 1  Moscow  RU
 42 NewTelco Kiev  Kiev  UA
 43 Espanix(Eurociber) Mesena 80  Madrid  ES
 44 TelecityGroup Stockholm 1  Bromma  SE
 45 K1  Limassol  CY
 46 Cablenet Engomi  Nicosia  CY
 47 Beijing POP  Beijing  CN
 48 Chief LY Building Taipei  Taipei  TW
 49 KINX IX Center (Dogok)  Seoul  KR
 50 The Data Centre  Auckland  NZ
 51 Equinix Sydney (SY1)  Sydney  AU
 52 datamena IMPZ DC1  Dubai  AE
 53  Sofia  BG
 54  São Paulo  BR
 55  Lima  PE
 Ho Chi Minh  VN
 57  Bucharest  RO
 Bishkek  KG


  • Same Day Server Setup.
  • No need for IT-personnel or an in-house systems administrator – full administration is available for hosted equipment.
  • Cisco network and security appliances Dedicated Hosting available.
  • Wide range of Storage solutions from EMC or not expensive based on Supermicro/iSCSI available.
  • GEO-DNS, Anycast, BGP optimal route service for CDN Content Delivery Providers.
  • Same IP address at different regions for state of the art global resource distribution.
  • International Private Line Circuits or EoMPLS to any location in the world for seamless connectivity available.
  • Custom made Virtual Private Network available.
  • Available assistance and management of virtualization solutions RHEV/VMWare/Xen/Hyper-V.
  • For more options please contact us via Live Chat!