Controller of Automatically-Driven Appliances

CADA is IPTP’s in-house developed software and one of the main components of the IPTP SmartSpaces Automation Solution. Pooling data from all Sensors/Detectors in your premises, IPTP CADA processes it and responds accordingly, attending to your day-to-day tasks through preset automatic settings. Based on equipment of the type “LinCon-8000” by ICP DAS, CADA is an independent component of the solution with an automated operating mode for failure-resistance, providing a basic level of automatization in extreme situations.


All the lighting on the premises is controlled by and accessed from any available connected device. Depending on your prefer- ences, the lighting can be either pre-regulated or controlled merely with an “on/off” switch. Every switch on the premises can con- trol any lamp or a group of lamps with any required logic; i.e., the switch automatically sends a signal to the system, which, in turn, carries out the required task. This way, switching certain lights on and off can be combined with responses from other appliances.


To maximize your comfort even further, the solution is designed to recognize your everyday habits and adapt to them automatically. It uses smoke detectors, infrared/ultrasound, humidity/ light intensity, inside/outside temperature, pool/hot water tank temperature, opening and closing of gates/doors/windows, weather (wind intensity/rain) sensors, sound sensors that react to commands and many other features that make your everyday life more comfortable.


A phone subsystem can be organized as an independent sys- tem, or be an extension of an existing office system, even if the office is located abroad. If necessary, the phone subsystem can be organized in a way that specific phone numbers from another country can be connected to the premises telephone system. It is also possible to provide a free-of-charge phone connection with another location which has the same equipment, i.e., with an office or another home. If stationary phones have a sensor panel, they can be used to control any element of the solution. Wireless Wi-Fi phones can also be connected.


With a wide variety of sensors, we can provide an exceptional system for safety and fire prevention that can be integrated with an automatic fire extinguishing system and placed under maintenance of a security company.


The remote surveillance subsystem allows integration with a wide range of surveillance facility systems for internal and external observation. This subsystem also carries out the function of an intercom at every entrance of the premises, allowing for communication via any camera, similar to a video phone. The remote surveillance subsystem can also operate and be controlled from any corner of the world via the Secure Communications Channel.


A communication network can be set up on the premises, con- necting the Secure Communications Channel to other premises, offices or vessels, providing a safe connection with a remote system through the Internet. This gives you transparent access to another network, which would be useful for creating, for ex- ample, identical network surroundings with an office.


The television subsystem allows ordinary television, as well as a selection of additional elements that transform it into a multimedia system. Among these elements is access to a library of movies, music, karaoke, video clips, an option of recording TV programs for later viewing, importing blu-rays into the library and much more. You have complete control of the premises directly from the TV via an on-screen menu. Video-phone mode and volume control from every corner of the premises are also available.


All the electrically-driven appliances and other power gener- ators (automated opening of gates, pump motors, electrical door locks, electrically-controlled taps, heating/air conditioning, pool/sprinkler control systems, etc.) can be controlled from any connected device.

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