Video Intercom

Interactive Television

The television subsystem not only allows ordinary television, but also a row of additional elements that transform it into a multi-media system. Among these elements are access to a library of movies, music, karaoke, music clips, and also the possibility of recording TV programmes for later viewing, importing DVDs into the library and much more. All of this is combined with the possibility of full control of the Villa straight from the television screen. This system can also provide a video-phone mode and volume control in every corner of the Villa.

Remote Surveillance

The subsystem of remote surveillance allows for internal and external observation, with the option of recording information of the audio/video controls to either the local library, or a remote library for safety reasons. This allows you to save data from audio/video-control outside the Villa, which eliminates the possibility of someone ruining the data. This subsystem also carries out the function of a gate phone at every entrance of the Villa, which allows for communication via any camera like a video telephone. The remote surveillance subsystem can also carry out audio/video-control throughout the world via the Secure Communications Channel.

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