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IP Telephony Integration

The GSM system has been designed to provide the following:
  • Complete on-board GSM network that integrates an MSC (Mobile Switching Center), a BSC (Base Station Controller) and a BTS (Base Transceiver Station), working in the 1800 Mhz frequency. The GSM Distribution Network uses STP Cat 5 cabling to carry 1.8 GHz RF signal between NIB and GSM antennae installed in different decks on the board. The system covers all board space;
  • Capacity of up to 14 simultaneous calls;
  • Ability to make free of-charge-calls from on-board registered GSM mobile phones to IP telephones within the vessel;
  • Ability to make free of-charge-calls from an on-board registered GSM mobile phone to another on-board registered GSM mobile phone;
  • Ability to make calls free-of-charge from on-board registered GSM mobile phones to international destinations through VoIP;
  • Ability to receive free-of-charge incoming calls from the ship’s IP Telephony to the on-board registered GSM mobile phones;
  • Roaming of the GSM phones for incoming and outgoing calls, provided that interconnection agreement with land-based GSM provider is established;
  • Remote manageability of the GSM Network.

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