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Office Extensions for Mobile

Cisco Unified Communications Office Extension for Mobile

Demand for mobile devices is growing every day, but it is not conducive to the mobility of people and perhaps even complicates this issue. Today, an incalculable number of people around the world relies on various electronic devices, ranging from laptops to mobile communication units that provide access to e-mail. As a result an increasing amount of time is spent to establish a fast connection between multiple phone numbers, voice mail and email accounts, whereupon employees end up limited in their effort to effectively do their jobs.

Benefits of Mobility
  • Mobility is becoming the basis for production activity of companies, which means that mobile communication has to be more intellectual than ever.  This implies:
  • Making calls from anywhere in the world
  • Determining the number of calling subscriber and declining unwanted calls
  • Determining whether the requested employee is available
  • Sending text and voice messages
  • Combining voicemail and messages in one interface of a mobile device
  • Intuitive interfaces and integrated capabilities that enable employees to easily keep in touch with customers and respond to urgent requests on time
  • Economising time, since all necessary information and devices are combined into a common system

Why Cisco Unified Communications?
  • Undoubtedly, one of the main issues of mobility is the requirement for companies to implement several types of mobile solutions to be used by employees in an integrated and secure communication system. Cisco Unified Communications products combine ease of implementation, flexibility of the system and ubiquitous access to mobile communications. In addition, Cisco Unified Communications has a number of technologies that offer safe and regulated use of the system.
  • All connected phones and devices are part of a secure system, managed by the company.
  • The system offers unified communications, while maintaining mobility which allows to significantly increase performance by reducing the complexity of the system.
  • The ability to install a single number for connection and voice mail combined with the ability to easily switch between voice calls, voice mail, send electronic messages and instant messages.
  • The ability of immediately finding a required employee or information from any point of the globe.

  • Different Jobs – Different Device Approaches
  • Business in any sphere of production, whether it is a retail and wholesale trade or service-tech systems is difficult to imagine without mobile phones, smartphones, pocket PCs (PDAs), wireless laptops and other devices due to their convenience, portability and efficiency. Full integration with Cisco Unified Communications allows to use various approaches for performing different types tasks which allows to satisfy the requirements of a maximum number of employees:
  • The overwhelming majority of businessmen cannot go without a mobile phone both in and outside of office. According to the latest research managers of communication companies believe that up to 28% of their employees use their mobile phone as their primary business phone. This also applies to retail because most shops are equipped with IP phones, which are located directly next to the cash register. Moreover, employees often have personal wireless IP phones, which allows to immediately receive alarm signals or run necessary applications related to availability of goods in stock.
  • If an office worker spends most of his time behind a desk, then the use of an IP phone and the establishment of a single phone number to reach him, whether he is at workplace, traveling or at home will allow to significantly improve the efficiency of his performance.
  • Remote employees whose work involves frequent business trips can make use of laptops with access to Wi-Fi and softphones in hotels and airports, as this allows them to download messages from e-mail and communicate with clients and colleagues directly.
  • Employees that often travel from one place to another and require access to the necessary information from any point on the earth would find multifunctional smartphones very useful – devices combine an intuitive interface and powerful mechanisms for the provision of integrated information, possibility to always remain connected by using a single number, function for calls, secure transmission of messages and holding conference calls. Installing the appropriate software allows to hold audio conferences from a mobile phone, smartphone or laptop.

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