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A truly GLOBAL MPLS network available worldwide!

IPTP Networks – a truly global, ultra-high bandwidth network infrastructure provider. Our facilities are situated in all of major destinations of choice for the world’s largest and most powerful companies, internet providers and corporate networks.

We are global Internet Service Provider (AS41095), Systems Integrator and Software Development company. Operating a privately owned, redundant EoMPLS network it establishes secure connectivity across Europe, Asia, Russia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas.


ON-NET: 176
Hosting/Colocation: 76


Countries: 38
Cities: 59

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AS Rank
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1186 asn
19145 prefix
14071413 addresses
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519 globals
2 providers
324 peers
193 customers
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Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly problematic for organizations that conduct business online.

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly problematic for organizations that conduct business online. Of critical concern today are Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. DDoS is a distributed type of attack that allows malicious generating traffic to congest Internet access lines, leading to a denial of service and, as a result, damaging an organization’s reputation and potentially leading to loss of revenue, loss of valuable customers and loss of market reputation. Every day these attacks become more sophisticated, making your corporate data vulnerable and security demands increasingly challenging.

Distributed Mitigation Managed Service (DMMS) is the technology of mitigating DDoS attacks using a network perimeter equipped with a chain of powerful fine-tuned firewalls. Our solution has four key advantages over the classic DDoS mitigation technique called “Clean Pipe” or “Cleaning Center”.

First is latency – traffic is mitigated directly on the network’s perimeter avoiding the need to redirect traffic to the “Cleaning Center”.

The next aspect is reaction time – fine-tuned firewalls automatically detect most types of floods and immediately start the mitigation process making reaction time close to none.

Another advantage of the IPTP DMMS service is the massive network capacity of over 35 Tb/s which allows the withstanding of heavy-bandwidth DDoS attacks without the risk of service degradation.

And last, but not least, are expenses. Mitigation with the classic “Cleaning Center/Clean Pipe” approach results in the concentration of high traffic volume on a single point, which usually requires purchasing extra bandwidth. The usage of a worldwide distributed network of an IPTP DMMS firewalls helps customers avoid these unexpected expenses by distributing traffic among multiple points in our network and eliminating the combined high load on a single node.

Tier-1 level service protection is FREE for our customers (common security for our network), i.e. Colocation, Dedicated hosting and IP transit clients. For additional costs, we can offer a dedicated equipment for Tier-2 direct managed protection against DDoS.

Dozens of DDoS Mitigation service providers use our DMMS network to deliver better security for their customers.


No added latency. No reaction time.

The distributed design of IPTP’s DDoS mitigation defense topology allows us to clean traffic directly at the edge of our network (in under 1 ms) without shifting traffic to a clearing center and back, thus eliminating any response/activation delay and providing a truly transparent mitigation.

Bandwidth limits higher by an order of magnitude.

Unlike other companies offering DDoS protection via limited Cleaning centers, we operate our own global cleaning network instead. Therefore malicious traffic never aggregated and cleaned immediately along the entire perimeter of our network. 1500 of 10 Gbps ports distributed across the globe and the total network capacity of over 35 Tb/s allows us to withstand heavy bandwidth attacks. IPTP DMMS Network is an ultimate solution for protecting your resources against most types of volumetric DDoS attacks.

No extra charges for bandwidth overload.

Traffic is distributed among multiple points so no combined volume of traffic reaches a single network node. A major advantage of our solution is that malicious traffic is cleaned before it reaches our network so no extra charges will apply for extra bandwidth.

Technically advanced solution against DDoS.

IPTP Networks DMMS highly customized firewalls can handle any type of protocols, starting from standard HTTP to any TCP and even proprietary UDP-based encrypted protocols used in financial sectors, making sure that each request gets serviced. The advanced firewalls within the IPTP DMMS Network can handle multi-gigabits of traffic and filter out all types of traffic floods, including but not limited to ICMP, UDP and SYN. Our qualified specialists deal with high loads of traffic on a daily basis and operate on high-end network equipment from Cisco, an industry-leading provider, to ensure that your enterprise receives the unparalleled sustained performance and continuous protection it requires.

DC Matrix 4 (Amsterdam)

Matrix 4 is IPTP Networks’ world-class data center, built using industry-leading solutions and technologies – APC InfraStruxure by Schneider Electric. Our scalable data center/IT room architecture allows our clients to deploy solutions with the highest levels of connectivity, security, adaptability and reliability; all whilst being tailored and adapted to complement the individual business model of each client.

Situated in Amsterdam Science Park a leading cluster in four BSIK ICT proposals and internationally recognized for its major e-science, GRID (a revolutionary new internet development) and multimedia expertise. Science Park Amsterdam is also a national network center: it hosts the AMS-IX – the world’s largest internet exchange and is the prime point of presence for state-of-the-art, ultra-high bandwidth network connection. This location is the primary destination for the world’s largest and most powerful companies, internet providers and corporate networks.

Matrix 4
Matrix 4 as a carrier-neutral datacenter is offering to connect to the same providers which are present at AMS-IX and Nikhef. You can find all of the providers via the following link:

Matrix 4
Hot-aisle containment system (HACS) deployed with in-row cooling

Matrix 4    ADVANTAGES

Matrix 4
Hot-aisle containment system (HACS) deployed with in-row cooling.

Matrix 4
The gross floor area equals 700 m2 (7500 sq.ft).

Matrix 4
24/7 access to qualified technical support.

Matrix 4
Improved resiliency.

Matrix 4
Simplicity of concept, design and installation.

Matrix 4
Bigger, 48U rack cabinets.

Matrix 4
N+1 chiller plant.

Matrix 4
High density racks with up to 70+ kilowatts per rack.

Matrix 4
Quick recovery from malfunction is achieved through interchangeable modules.

Matrix 4
All systems targeting compliance with ISO 27001, PCI DSS, ISO 9001, TIA-942, Tier IV+ industry standards.

Matrix 4
A+B UPS design.

Matrix 4
High scalability.

Matrix 4 is based on the APC InfraStruxure – an innovative, industry-leading solution for data center infrastructure with unrivalled scalability, reliability and the highest quality as well as power supply allocation per rack that by far exceeds that of competing solutions.

Matrix 4

A fortress for your most
sensitive data.


The industry accepted indicator of data center efficiency is PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness). This indicator provides an excellent representation of the efficiency of each data center’s cooling solution as well as electrical systems and infrastructure. The approximate industry average is a PUE of 2.5 with a widespread effort among providers to reduce this figure to 1.3. The Matrix 4 datacenter is designed with the latest in power-efficient technologies to target a PUE ratio of as low as 1.08 depending on load and various environmental conditions.


The high level of performance is achieved by the use of a cooling system solution with a ‘free-cooling’ feature. This allows us to minimize cooling expenses as well as to contribute to a better overall efficiency of the datacenter given climactic conditions in Amsterdam, with an average annual high of 12.8 and low of 7.5 degrees centigrade.

Power density

Our Matrix 4 data center has a dedicated power substation with a 2MW capacity, connected to the power supply grid of Amsterdam Science Park. This ensures a fully redundant supply of electricity for the facility.


APC InfraStruxure is the pinnacle of highly scalable and adaptable data center IT room architecture. All components are pre-tested as part of a unified ultra-functional system. Our facilities are designed with corporate clients in mind, resulting in uncompromised performance, ultimate flexibility and control over your business.


IPTP Networks implements, exclusively, state-of-the-art equipment provided by Cisco as the backbone of our data center network infrastructure. With our in-house, Cisco-certified engineering team we are able to guarantee the highest level of uninterrupted, uncompromising performance of all your network resources.


Our Matrix 4 facilities are enhanced with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance and secured by advanced access systems. Our professional multilevel electronic system features cutting-edge technologies such as fingerprint and facial recognition and many other innovative solutions, ensuring that your data is stored securely at all times.

Access to 7 Major Datacenters via dark fibre
  • Digital Realty(ex-Telecity AMS1)
  • Science Park Interxion(ex-SARA)
  • Equinix AM1/2/3 EvoSwitch Haarlem
Own and Partner infrastructure connecting major datacenters in the Amsterdam Science Park area and beyond.


Matrix 4 is linked to numerous major datacenters in Amsterdam Science Park as well as to our facilities at K1 (Kermia 1 – Limassol, Cyprus), enabling them to serve as disaster recovery sites for the facility.

Direct connection to cloud providers

IPTP Networks will help you to establish direct private connectivity between chosen cloud provider and your datacenter, office, or colocation environment, which in many cases can reduce your network costs, increase bandwidth throughput, and provide a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections. Use single or multiple ports at any location all around the Globe in order to deploy a secure direct connection of your digital infrastructure to more than 2500 cloud providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud, SAP Cloud, Salesforce, Google Cloud Platform and many others.

DC Kermia 1 (Limassol)


Kermia 1 is IPTP Networks’ carrier-neutral facility in Cyprus – a strategic destination at the heart of the Middle East, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. Premium-level and brand new, the K1 datacenter makes use of our established global network infrastructure and is built using innovative, industry-leading solutions and technologies, offering unparalleled scalability, reliability and security.


IPTP Networks operates its own worldwide network infrastructure allowing us to serve as a redundant ‘bridge’, connecting clients around the world to key Internet exchanges and global financial centers.


The Kermia 1 facility is enhanced by our internally developed SmartSpaces Automation solution as well as IPTP Video Surveillance system. The combination of both allows us to ensure the complete security of all your corporate data with state-of-the-art security features such as mantrap(access control vestibule) with two-step verification access control, bulletproof materials for windows and walls of the building as well as numerous internal and external security cameras.


IPTP Networks implements, exclusively, the state-of-the-art equipment provided by Cisco as the backbone of our data center network infrastructure. With our in-house, Cisco-certified engineering team we guarantee the highest level of uninterrupted, uncompromising performance of all your network resources.


Kermia 1 data center is equipped with an autonomous power supply and connected to redundant communication channels. Our Live Network Diagram can be viewed via: Weathermap


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    Optimal network coverage and increased resilience is achieved by reserved channels.

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    Global connectivity via our privately-owned global MPLS network infrastructure.

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    24/7 access to our qualified technical support, available in English, Russian and Chinese languages.

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    A fully redundant supply of electricity for the facility is achieved by a 100KW power feed, backed up with 100KW GENSET.

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    Redundant electricity supply via a private power generator.

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    24/7 monitoring and maintenance of the facilities.

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    Simplicity of concept, design and installation.

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    All systems targeting compliance with ISO 27001, PCI DSS, ISO 9001, TIA-942, Tier IV+ industry standards.


Strategic destination at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa.

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