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Meet our team

Oxana Shvydkaya

In the year 2004, when our company had just started its way to success, Oxana was one of the driving forces behind the entirety of IPTP Networks; bringing order to the chaos around her, and working long into the night to build up and reinforce our company, all the while being the supporting wife of our CEO Vladimir Kangin and mother of two young and energetic boys. She used to be a universal soldier working as a Customer Support Manager, Accountant, Engineer, Sales Manager and Financial officer. She is the head of the Cyprus office, but she still finds the time to manage and support our colleagues all over the world, and we’re hoping that she will stay with us forever.

Sergey Kozhedub

Sergey, who has known our CEO Vladimir Kangin since 1994, from the start of their relationship has become not only an amazing friend, but also an extraordinary professional. His ability to always stay focused and to work unstoppably on his personal and professional growth has led Sergey to the position of CTO of IPTP Networks. He is not only one of the most experienced engineers and a Linux guru, but also the friendliest and calmest member of our team, who is using his skills to resolve challenging tasks faced by our company every single day. Sergey is standing behind the scenes, but he is the moving force and mind of our company and we’re very grateful that he is staying with us for so long.

Vladimir Sporykhin

Vladimir is an unstoppable business machine, a well oiled sports-class car that will do everything in its power to keep moving forward. He is the one who always looks to the future and just can’t live without everyday progress. At the same time, he’s one of the most caring and sensitive members of the team (even though he’s trying not to show it) and he also perceives the company as a “living organism, which is functioning well only when every single cell is healthy and working alongside each other”. Vladimir is not only a great Business Development Manager, but also is a big fan of different types of intellectual games, and he can remember the right answer in 60 seconds – our very own fast and furious star.

Ivan Soldatov

Sometimes, people are appearing at the door of our company and are applying to positions which, from the first sight, seem to be far from their dream job. This happened with Ivan, one of our key Business Development Managers, whose dream was to become a part of the telecommunications business as a network engineer. He graduated from Instrument Engineering and Computer Science University, and was preparing for the Cisco CCNA exam when he got an opportunity to join IPTP Networks. Now Ivan is one of the most accurate, attentive and fast self-developing people, with deep knowledge of business administration received from an MBA intensive program by PwC Academy. His experiences with products of Supermicro, VMware, Citrix, EMC, and Cisco help him develop the best matching solutions to challenging requests from our customers.

Kim Luu

Kim Luu is one of the youngest ladies in our team and she has done a wonderful contribution to IPTP Networks. Early of 2017, Kim was supporting our CEO during a conference in Vietnam and the idea of starting a new representative office has made her life go at different pace since IPTP‘s establishment in Vietnam. Graduating from Hochiminh University of Fine Art and Kim has been doing an excellent job as Managing Director of Vietnam office in IT industry. She was the one taking responsibility of setting up the office and building up our current strong team in Viet Nam. She also plays an important role in Business Development team where she grows our business within Vietnam and other countries. One more interesting thing about Kim, originally from Art background, Kim has great passion for painting and fashion and you could easily spot this lady in a crowd with her stand-out fashioned outfits.

Victor Ma

As Chief Operating Officer, Victor Ma provides expert solutions in network operations and dedicates himself fully to the team. He is highly regarded not only for the skills and knowledge, but the down-to-earth kindness in mentoring younger engineers. Victor has been known for maintaining perfect composure in most stressful situations. His knowledge, experience and awareness reveal many opportunities for cooperation on win-win basis.

Inna Arkhipova

This beautiful lady is part of our company for more than 10 years now, and she is always there for us; not only with resolving financial questions, but she’s also a very warm and caring person. Every single member of the Moscow office can always find support from her, and other members of our team around the globe can also rely on her whenever they need it. While she is carrying out the role of Financial Director at our Russian office, she is not only a great mother but also a proud grandmother (we still cannot understand how this young lady can already be a grandmother). We are so happy to have such a great personality among us.