Low latency routes

A) Europe-Russia-Mongolia-China (ERMC)

is one of the components of The Eurasia Terrestrial Cable Network – a valuable part of the global telecom infrastructure. ERMC is an overland telecommunications cable system linking Asia and Europe via Russia and Mongolia. It provides an alternative, shorter path to submarine communications cables with a latency of 185/195* ms on a route Hong-Kong – London and the capacity that can be increased from an as-built 40 Gbit/s to 400 Gbit/s.

B) ERA or Europe-Russia-Asia 

is an overland telecommunications cable system with a latency of 210/220* ms on a route Hong-Kong – London. Latency from Moscow to Amsterdam is approximately 37 ms. The consortium includes Rostelecom, NTT Communications (NTT Com), and China United Network Communications Group Co, Ltd (China Unicom).

С) ERC or Europe-Russia-China

is an overland telecommunications cable system with a latency of 230/240* ms on a route Hong-Kong – London. The system is a result of cooperation between Rostelecom and China Telecom Corporation Limited (China Telecommunications Corporation or China Telecom).

D) HSCS or The Hokkaido-Sakhalin Cable System

is a single span 500 km linear undersea cable system between Ishikari, Hokkaido in Japan and Nevelsk, Sakhalin in Russia, jointly built by TransTeleCom Company CJSC (TTK), Russia’s leading telecommunications backbone operator, and NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com). The commercial operation of the HSCS significantly enlarges the telecommunication capacity between Russia and Japan up to 640 Gbps. HSCS latency is 5.6 ms in theoretical value and round trip delay (actual value has not been investigated). With the seamless combination of the HSCS and the ERA, a trans-Russia terrestrial backbone of NTT and TTK, the system can offer an alternative and low-latency route for the traffic between Asia and Europe.



is a private cable subsystem consisting of a fibre pair between Cyprus-Egypt (7 ms latency) and a fibre pair between Cyprus-France
(17 ms latency), implemented through Telecom Egypt’s submarine cable system TE NORTH (TEN), connecting Egypt
with France. The ALEXANDROS interconnects the Pentaskhinos landing station in Cyprus with Abu Talat in Egypt and Marseilles in France, each direction with total capacity of 96x10Gbps enhancing connectivity in the Mediterranean and providing international network robustness and reliability.


F) Atlantic Crossing 1 (AC-1)

is an optical submarine telecommunications cable system linking the USA and three European countries. It is owned by Tyco, a security systems company and Level 3 Communications, a multinational telecommunications and Internet service provider. One of several transatlantic communications cables, it has total length of 14,000 km, design capacity of 40 Gbit/s and currently lit capacity of 120 Gbit/s. AC-1 is designed to transport speech and data traffic between the U.S., the U.K., the Netherlands and Germany, and ensures the highest reliability and the lowest latency across the Atlantic with latency between the U.S. and U.K. approximately 64/65 ms.

G) Asia Africa Europe-1 (AAE-1) 

is a 25,000 km consortium cable system connecting South East Asia to Europe via Egypt. It connects Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, with Malaysia and Singapore, then onwards to Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Yemen, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Greece, Italy and France. AAE-1 cable system deploys state-of-the-art 100Gbps transmission technology, with a minimum design capacity of 40 Tbps.

H) FLAG Atlantic-1 (FA-1) 

is a city-to-city service linking New York, London and Paris with seamless connections to numerous other cities in the US, Europe, countries in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions via the FLAG Telecom network. FA-1 is the world’s first dual terabit/s transoceanic cable system and offers direct city-to-city connectivity with a combined design capacity of 4.8 Tbps using Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology and Current lit capacity 320 Gbit/s. FA-1 North from Telehouse East London to 111 8th Avenue NY is RTD 67ms and FA-1 South from Telehouse 2 Paris to 60 Hudson NY is RTD 71ms.